This training program will provide a skilled entrepreneurial workforce for Canada, one that will fuel creation of a high-tech economy to replace the shrinking classical manufacturing sector. The statistics are clear: our Universities and research institutions are leading the world in discovery, but we are failing in transferring these technologies into commercial products. We will equip the trainees with skills to build their own companies from their research, with a specific scientific focus on building organ-on-a-chip devices for compound screening and discovery.


  • Provide world-leading training of the highest scientific standard in microfabrication, microfluidics, polymer chemistry, organ-on-a-chip engineering and translation.
  • Provide training in hard (patent law, business, finance) and soft (networking, etiquette, public speaking, critical thinking & analysis, team work) skills essential to entrepreneurial success.
  • Building on our existing contacts, we will develop a network of partners and receptors, e.g. business advisors, patent lawyers, venture capital firms and incubators, to assist trainees.


Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as post-doctoral fellows who are conducting research under the direct supervision of TOeP faculty members are eligible for full participation in this program (see below for a listing of participating investigators). Students enrolled in partner institutions and labs but not supervised by TOeP faculty members may be eligible to participate in limited programming.

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Dr. Milica Radisic, Professor, University of Toronto Canada Research Chair (Tier 2); Functional Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering, TARA Biosystems, discussing human cardiac biowires and how they can be used for predictive cardiac physiology.

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Congratulations to TOeP Trainee Richard Cheng on being awarded 3rd place in the pitch competition at TERMIS World Congress in Kyoto. His pitch was entitled ReverTome – Portable Bioprinter

We are now accepting new applications for the academic year September 2018-Jun 2019

Please fill out the TOeP Enquiry to Apply formĀ  (accessed on the forms page) and email to for an application package for 2018-2019. The application package will be emailed to you and it contains a tab allowing one to apply for a TOeP Scholarship. Current trainees will be automatically be sent a package at […]

2018 Ontario Organ-on-a-Chip/TOeP symposium Pitch Competition Winners

The TOeP symposium was held May 24-25,2018 in Toronto. Congratulations to the winners of our Pitch Competition. They are as follows: 1st Prize – Shashi Malladi 2nd Prize – Haben Y. Abraha 3rd Prize – Elisa D’Arcangelo Finalists – Dawn Bannerman – Nancy Khuu – Ben Lai & Rick Lu Congratulations to Noosheen Walji on […]

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