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Training program objectives

The long-term objective of TOeP is to provide a skilled entrepreneurial workforce for Ontario and Canada, one that will fuel the creation of a hi-tech economy to replace the shrinking classical manufacturing sector, e.g. automotive and resource based industries. Our hypothesis is that by emphasizing alternative career paths focused on entrepreneurship and by equipping trainees with the necessary skills to succeed in these careers, we will be able to more efficiently transfer laboratory discoveries into commercial products and services. The specific aims of TOeP are:

  1. Provide world-leading training of the highest scientific standard in microfabrication, microfluidics, polymer chemistry, organ-on-a-chip engineering and technology translation.
  2. Provide training in hard (intellectual property (IP) law, business, finance) and soft (networking, etiquette, public speaking, pitching, critical thinking & analysis, team work) skills essential to entrepreneurial success.
  3. Develop a network of partners committed to TOeP (e.g. business advisors, patent lawyers, venture capital (VC) firms and incubators) to assist trainees in their entrepreneurial activities.

Current training opportunities

Courses offered for TOeP Trainees Sept 2019

Please note that it is mandatory for all TOeP trainees to attend the joint OOAC/TOeP symposium that was scheduled to take place May 11-13/2020. Due to COVID 19 precautions, this symposium has been postponed. A future date will be chosen once it is safe to do so.
It is mandatory that trainees take Biomaterials and Organ-on-a-Chip Engineering – JTC 1332H Winter 2020 if they haven’t previously taken this course.

Pitching and Public Speaking – Mandatory sessions (3)

1) Dr M. Radisic –  Introduction to TOeP and Preparation of a Pitch – Nov 15, 2019, 12 noon-2pm, RS 412.All trainees should plan to attend, those who have developed pitch presentation skills will be exempted from the 2nd half of the seminar.

2) Practice sessions – Apr 28, 2020

3) Competition – May 12, 2020 at the OOAC/TOeP scientific symposium

IP Law-Mandatory sessions (2)

1) Seminar by Stephane Levesque, Sonya Brijbassi and Marilee Krinsky on IP processes available through the U of T patent office and Preparation of an IP licensing sheet. 12 noon, RS 412 0n  Dec 6/19
2) Seminar by Ian Goodman, patent attorney at Marks & Clerk Canada | Marks & Clerk Law LLP, on IP processes available outside  U of T . Dec 11/19 , RS 412 at 5 pm

Entrepreneurship – Mandatory sessions ( choose 3)

1)Engineer to Entrepreneur: Business model canvas workshop. Entrepreneurial Workshop lead by Serena Mandla and Nimalan Thavandiran . Jan 24, 2020 12 noon in RS 412

2) E101 -MARSDD  – register at

Further Optional courses:

4) Medventions at Sunnybrook

5) MITACS – Discovering the Entrepreneur Within 

Networking and Business Etiquette – Mandatory session ( 2)

1) TOeP Networking Evening – May 12, 2020 at the OOAC/TOeP scientific symposium

2) TOeP Networking event organized by the trainees Date Dec 12, 2019,  5 – 7pm, ONRamp suite 150, 100 College St, Toronto Toronto, ON

2) TOeP Networking event organized by the trainees Date Mar 17, 2020,  5 – 7pm, ONRamp suite 150, 100 College St, Toronto Toronto, ON

Teamwork Critical Thinking, Leadership and Project Management – Mandatory sessions (1)

1) TOeP Leadership Workshop – ILead workshop focusing on team dynamics and self awareness  Jan 10/20, MY 420 , 11 am

Business and Finance – Mandatory sessions (2)

1) “ Start-up Foundation Essentials- Due Diligence and Budgeting.”
Mandatory seminar presented by Susan Bruggemann, COO and CFO of Quthero.

She will discuss how to found a life sciences start-up and preparation of a due diligence package for financing including development of the operation budget, cap tables etc.
Date: Feb 25/20 3 pm-5 pm, Rm WB407.

In addition it is Mandatory to complete at least one of the following during your TOeP Training

2) Mini MBA likely offered by H2i Spring 2020

3) Medventions at Sunnybrook: Business Models Fundamentals in Medtech or similar  


There may be additional courses that you wish to take, or have taken, in lieu of some of the above mandatory courses, please confirm with Carol to ascertain whether you will be allowed a credit for such substitution.

Please investigate the following sources for other courses of interest:




Utest– applications closed, likely apply Feb 2020 –

Creative destruction lab

Banting and Best Innovation

MaRS Innovation

SGS Options program


IMpact Center


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